Wind Power

Goldwind Energy USA


Perhaps my favorite writing job was this too-brief 4-month (contract, on-the-road) stint in 2012 with Goldwind USA. The initial task was to create an installation manual for the 1.5MW wind turbine.

Having produced competent results almost immediately, I was given the additional tasks of producing pre-commissioning and commissioning manuals [sample page] and checklists for their 1.5MW and 2.5MW turbine technicians.

Tower-climbing was an occasional necessity.

In close consultation with commissioning technicians, I completed three manuals for the 1.5MW turbines and a made good start on manuals for their new 2.5MW turbine models.

Used electrical schematics to write systematic inspection and verification procedures for each and every circuit and component in the base, tower, and nacelle, in both the de-energized and energized state.

Elicited from technician's their personal recollections of problems avoided or solved (A technicians' years of experience is hugely valuable, but is rarely documented).

Iberdrola USA

Portland, OR


Wrote a Wind Farm Work Control Policies and Procedures manual and accompanying forms, key elements of a safety-improvement effort.

Interviewed wind farm technicians on sites in SW Washington state.